Director: Andre Griffith

Starring: Brandon E. Burton, Cloteal Horne,

Supporting actors: Madeline Seidman, Kenneth Robinson, Isuri Wijesundara

Producer: Zachry J. Bailey

Genre: Romance

Looking at the title of the film “The Promotion”, one would never expect to watch what director “Andre Griffith” had to offer, instead he brilliantly had us involved in a charming development of a love story that would end in an unexpected twist of events and lead to a bewildering ending.

Monthly Indie Shorts

This film was shot in the midst of social turmoil and the height of the pandemic. Certified Covid Officers needed to be on set at all times, locations were completely cleared out, and bubbles were created during the course of the shoot. To say it was a challenge is a huge understatement. However, our crew was amazing throughout the process, our producer worked miracle after miracle. Restaurants donated lunch and dinner all four days of shooting, locations allowed us to use their spaces for free, and the police let us continue to film without permits lol

From Script To Screen

Pre-Production: 3 Months

Filming: 4 Days

Post Production: 1 Month